The physical changes are profound and reliable for transformation that supports your health & inner peace. 

A program that merges the practices of Yoga and Ayurveda to boost your integration of body mind spirit health. 

Learn your body' unique constitution and how to support your health through and balance and connection to nature. 


Yoga + Ayurveda practices are the soil from which

your full potential grows in whatever you do.


Feel clear, pain free, rested,

strong, resilient & active in life.


If your goals include health, strength, clarity, peace, authenticity and integration, then you've found a teacher/mentor who will support you all the way.

Let's get started.


Cynthia, Writer

I believe your classes are second to none - and I’ve taken a lot of yoga classes over my years.  Nothing comes close to yours.  Your voice, your cues, your explanation of why and how…Exceptional!

Marianne, Yogini

Yoga is all about how we connect with our selves and how we project that into the world.  Sarita creates the space where I can connect with myself and discover my hidden inner capacities.

Joseph, Teacher 

Sarita's classes  guide me to experience profound physical openings and internal changes.  Holding the poses lets me track the connections inside  from head to toe. Meditation  is natural  when I'm so relaxed and open.

This month students and teachers of Svaroopa Yoga worldwide are writing inspiring  Haiku poems.  Click to read the poems being written by our Svaroopa Yoga students and how you can participate. 


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