Weekly Class Schedule

Mon  11:00am  90 minutes 

Mon    5:30pm  75 minutes

Wed    9:15am  90 minutes

Wed    5:30pm  75 minutes

Fri       9:15am   90 minutes 

Sat      9:15am   90 minutes 

Sun     9:15am   90 minutes 

In person classes are cancelled

due to COVID-19

Svaroopa is pronounced “svah-roo-pah” The word comes from the ancient yoga text called Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  "Svaroopa" means your true self.

Svaroopa® Yoga is one of the primary styles of hatha yoga in America known for its compassionate approach to body and mind. Svaroopa yoga practice is a powerful tool for promoting healing, recovery, regaining strength, and opening to meditation. 


Svaroopa® yoga allows your body and mind to release into the poses, inviting connection and awareness. I'll guide you step by step with verbal cues, demonstrations, and personal assists so your yoga practice is always safe and effective. You'll learn to create precision alignment by following the body-based cues, and customize your effective release by using special tools such as blankets, blocks, straps and/or chairs to support your tightest areas. The emphasis is on releasing tension in the core of the body, along your spine. We'll begin at the tailbone and progress through each spinal area from bottom to top to create a reliable release.

A key principle of Svaroopa® Yoga is support equals release. Through the support of props (blankets, blocks, chairs) the deeper muscles relax, allowing tensions and compression to dissolve with ease. This unwinding and reconnection has a restorative effect on all the systems of the body- including nervous, digestive, respiratory, circulatory.


Svaroopa® yoga classes will leave you feeling refreshed on all levels of being. You'll gain more mental clarity and energy as you release your stress and anxiety.  It is very accessible and beneficial for new students, those with physical limitations, as well as experienced yogis. You'll create stamina and flexibility through deepened body awareness and reconnection. If you are feeling stiff, or out-of-shape, or tight from athletics, try Svaroopa® yoga and discover a way to work with your body that is compassionate and deeply effective for regaining mobility, vitality and inner peace. 

GETTING STARTED:  Call 610-763-1755  to register for your first class. This is my cell phone, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Leave your name, phone number, question and/or class time you're coming on my voicemail. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Arrive at least 15 minutes before class begins. We supply everything you need for your class. Start anytime. Beginners are welcome in all classes. Feel free to mix and match class times to fit your schedule. Your class card is good for any class posted on the schedule. I look forward to supporting your transformation in class. 

  "What is Svaroopa Yoga" 


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