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Profound results from the beginning.

Unravel the deepest tensions in your body from your spine outward.  Your spine lifts, lengthens and releases stress tension using Svaroopa's reliable, compassionate and effective system.  Experience renewed strength, deep peace and pain-free body with this magical, time saving, and reliable process. 

Each class is 90 minutes.  It begins with shavasana (guided body scan) and continues with a  breathing practice (ocean breath), and 8-10 yoga poses, concluding with shavasana, and a contemplation/yogic teaching.  All levels find it effective for deepening goals in asana and meditation, as well as ongoing stress management. Feel the bliss of being strong and open. 

Svaroopa® Yoga is one of the primary styles of hatha yoga in America, developed by Swamini Nirmalananda (formerly Rama Berch).  It prioritizes a compassionate approach to your body and mind by using precision alignment and props to create advanced effects without strain or risk. The science of Svaroopa Yoga is to create stability and stamina while releasing core (spine and internal organ) tension.  In each class, I'll guide you step by step with verbal cues, demonstrations, and personal assists so your yoga practice is reliable, safe and effective.  Svaroopa® Yoga naturally leads to physical and mental healing, strength, stability, and opening to meditation. The classes leave you feeling refreshed physically and mentally.   The Science of Svaroopa® Yoga uses muscle activation and/or support combined with precision alignment to achieve a deep core release. This style of yoga is accessible and beneficial for new students and is adaptable for those with physical challenges.  ALL PROPS ARE PROVIDED for in person classes.

In-Person classes location:

The Nest Collaborative

629 Court Street.

West Reading, PA 19611   610-763-1755 

Props needed for ZOOM classes at home


6 Yoga Blankets


1 Pair of Blocks


Folding Chair


Svaroopa blankets are a “signature prop” for this yoga because they are a particular weight and texture that allows you to fold and roll them in the shapes that support your body best. You can substitute towels, blankets and/or quilts you have at home, but it's not quite the same.  Like a runner needs good running shoes, you need good support to support your body and achieve true core opening. 

A pair of blocks are necessary for lunge. We do lunge in every Svaroopa Yoga class!

A metal folding chair is an invaluable tool. You can pick one up at Home Depot or Lowes... or here online. 

The Original Superblock is a supersized block that is used for forward bend support, shavasana support and much more. If you purchase them, get 2. 

For your convenience, I've added links to the list o the left so you can purchase the props directly and have them shipped to your home. 

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