Upcoming Ayurveda Classes

Ayurveda & Yoga practiced together offer practical tools for evolution & healing.

I've been practicing Ayurveda with Yoga since 1996 when I took my first Ayurveda workshop with Maya Tiwari. I was immediately drawn to the inclusiveness of Ayurveda.  

I remember being lovingly reassured by Maya that I didn't have to know everything all at once and that it is a process of exploration of life. What a relief! 

I went through those beginning stages while raising my two young boys as a single mom. We learned about the basics together, and it was very fun. I continued to study with  Maya Tiwari, and later Vaidya Mishra. What a boon this was for me!

Ayurveda is such a natural addition to yoga practice. It explains the healthy lifestyle habits and practices that make life easier, creating connection with all that is.  I think of Ayurveda as the science of oneness. It has helped me understand HOW we are one with everything, and then the flow that enlivens respect for all of nature. Every yogi needs to know that and apply its impact to their daily life with actions rooted in ahimsa (non-harm). 

It's now 23 years later.  I can't imagine my life without Ayurveda. After many years of practice, I know I'm never going to be finished learning.  Every time I teach, I learn more.... and everytime I learn, I teach more.  It's a continuing spiral. We all learn together. That's Ayurveda. 


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