Outsmarting Colds and Flu

About Immunity

There are distinct and reliable pathways for improving immunity using the science of Ayurveda. When your immunity is strong, your body simply does not allow colds and flu. But your immunity can become vulnerable when daily habits run counter to natural rhythm. The tissues and organs become weak and susceptible to flu, colds and disease.

It is important to recognize that bacteria and viruses are everywhere; many are living in your body right now. You cannot avoid exposure to them, although you can take some precautions to limit the amount of exposure.

Healthy balance with nature and strong digestive fire (agni) create intelligent tissues and organs. In a strong body, viruses cannot grow. Your body simply digests them away.

What is the difference between a cold and the flu? A cold is an attack of the cold temperature of the season. The channels in the body become narrow and blocked, causing a compromise in the circulation of heat in your body. Your body goes into “create heat mode”, also known as a “fever” to fix the problem.

The purpose of a fever is to open the channels and move the heat. To prevent a “cold” keep the channels open and your body circulating heat. If you get a cold, bundle up in warm clothes and blankets and “sweat” the cold away. Drink warm tea with warming spices/herbs such as cloves, basil and cinnamon.

The flu is a cold condition (lack of heat circulation), a compromised immune system invaded by a virus. When you eat lifeless foods (especially too much sugar) and avoid rest (too much work- too many late nights), your immune system becomes weak and your body vulnerable to viral attack.

Ayurveda defines 3 types of immunity.

1. Natural immunity– immunity that a person is born with. If a person has strong immunity, he or she may not get sick even when others do. Natural immunity can increase or decrease depending diet and lifestyle choices.

2. Seasonal Immunity– immunity that changes with time of life, balance and seasons. Ayurveda offers many ways to strengthen immunity seasonally. Seasonal immunity can increase or decrease depending on a person’s ability to balance with the natural environment.

3. Therapeutic Immunity– immunity improved with therapies. These particular practices are especially important if you are under stress or have weakened your immunity through exposure to toxins, poor lifestyle and poor dietary choices.

Much of your immunity lies within your control. Strong immunity is supported by intelligent choices.