Mandali Programs 

Svaroopa® yogis nurturing their interconnectedness

Mandali programs are fun, monthly community building programs. Each month we do a different theme or activity.  These support programs nurture community, build our relationships with each other and deepen our yoga practices.


"Mandali" is a variation on the term mandala. It was first used by a modern-day mystic, Meher Baba, to describe his students.  He described them as "concentric circles". Those closest to their practice and the teachings are in the innermost ring.  Just like when you sit close to a bonfire, you stay the warmest...when you stay close to the teachings and the yoga, you stay more connected. 

As a teacher, I've always had a group of dedicated students, while some are less involved than others, they still enjoy the yoga when they are here.   I love these programs because it allows us to all connect with fun activities that also deepen our experience of yoga "off the blankets" and in our lives!  I hope this makes everyone feel more welcome and connected, no matter how often they attend classes. 


The word "mandala" means sacred circle.  It is pronounced "mawn-duh-luh,".   

The word mandali means community or group, dedicated to a common experience or purpose. 

April: National Haiku Day


Haiku is a Japanese poem of 17 syllables in 3 lines

five syllables in the first line

seven in the second line

five syllables in the third line


Traditionally, haikus focus on a moment in time, juxtaposing two images. Haiku creates a sudden sense of enlightenment, just as yoga does. 

Write your own haiku, depicting your process of transformation.  Email your poems to me at and I'll read them before class starts, or you can read the poem aloud yourself. 

Our Haiku's ❤️

Ahhhh Shavasana

Diving inward into vast-

ness being present.

-Marianne Steenvoorden


Breathing in and out

exploring inward space and

present, be alive.

-Marianne Steenvoorden


In Sukhasana

Japa, Japa, more Japa

Meditate on That.

-Marianne Steenvoorden


Contemplate on NOW

follow the breath, be alert

presence, a present.

-Marianne Steenvoorden


Fullness of the moon

mystical appearance high

in the sky above

-Marianne Steenvoorden


Winter Darkness Gone

The Sun Moves High Around Us

Mother Earth Dances

-Michael Rocco

I source Light within

No waiting for others Light

I bring in the Light

-Sarita-Linda Rocco

Solid pillar strong

crystal center blinding bright

calmness through my mind

-Cynthia Kremer

Feeling centered now.

Firmly rooted in the earth.

Warm sun on my face.

-Mark Mohlinger

Like Growing Trees Reach

As Morning Rain Flowers Grow

I Will Do The Same

-Michael Rocco

We sit in wonder

Through all these years together

Newness still alive

-Michael Rocco


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