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Sarita-Linda Rocco

E-RYT500, Certified Svaroopa Yoga (CSYT 700), Ayurvedic Practitioner/Teacher

First and foremost, I'm a mother of  of 2 amazing grown sons. I studied Ayurveda and Yoga voraciously as a young single mother.  Motherhood is my greatest personal accomplishment.


My kids and I navigated all of the ups and downs of the 80's fitness craze, the various yoga studio startups, and more yoga as the years went on. Our lives have been filled with unique adventures.


I've come to understand that there are no gurus like my two sons, and no yoga practice better than parenting. I'm a wife, sister, grandmother, aunt, friend and more. I wear many hats, as I'm sure you do. 


My yoga study began in 1995 with Bikram Yoga. I continued with Eric Schiffman/Freedom Style Yoga.  Today I'm a 700-hour certified Svaroopa Yoga Teacher/Therapist and have consistently been in an immersion of Svaroopa Yoga since 1998.  


In 1996 I discovered Ayurveda. I’m fortunate to be personally trained by Maya Tiwari, world spiritual leader, author and founder of Wise Earth School of Ayurveda from 1996-2019.  In 2010 I was awarded the title of Sadhaka-Adept for my ongoing Wise Earth Ayurveda work in my community and beyond.  I’m currently active in the Yogahealer community developed by Cate Stillman. I mentor an innovative, worldwide community in Cate's newest venture called "Club Thrive".


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I am so grateful to all of my teachers and the education I have received from them.  They taught me to prioritize inner peace, move through difficulties with a steady state of mind, how to care for myself naturally and in sync with nature and remain in constant awe of the universe. I am eager to share the many secrets of healing, living, wholeness and wellness with you.  

In 2008 I met and began studying with Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra/SVA Lineage fo Ayurveda.  I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with him personally, learning from his rich lineage teachings while also supporting his global work.  I continued that journey up until his passing in 2017. 


That same year I began a profound three-year journey with Grammy Nominee Silvia Nakkach, an international teacher of the Yoga of Sound. She deepened my understanding of the role of sound and vibration in yoga.  In 2009 I received a grant to study Mandala/Yantra creation with Rajita-Judith Cornell and continue to use these ancient yogic symbols to support students.  

I've owned and operated 3 yoga businesses. Creating and operating a yoga business is no joke. It requires hyper-dedication, passion, resilience and initiative.  In 2015 I sold my yoga business and became a full-time teacher.  I've happily renounced the day-to-day work of "running the entire yoga business" and now focus 100% on my teaching and writing.  I've had the privilege of teaching yoga and Ayurveda professionally for 25 years, thanks to my extraordinary teachers Maya Tiwari, Vaidya Mishra, Swami Nirmalananda, Satyanatha, Sylvia Nakkach and Judith Cornell, Bikram and Eric Shiffman. 


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My Early Years

I began my entrepreneurial life with a longstanding fitness career (1986-1995).  A passionate fitness pioneer, I researched and introduced body-mind fitness to a growing community in the late 80’s. I was privileged to be hired by a number of elite athletes looking for safe and fun ways to re-inspire their work outs. I have always loved creative approaches to success.


In the late 80's and early 90's I trained aerobics instructors and loved every minute of it. The "Mindbody" hybrid style of fitness met the needs of students and athletes looking for more than just a sweat.  Using new tools like Steps, Strongput (open handed weights), and Slides kept exercise fresh and interesting. Incorporating "meditation in action" helped the fitness enthusiasts connect with their body and become more present during competition. We had our own version of Crossfit in the 80's.  The relationships formed in those days are still strong today. We were a community. 

in 1991 I had a fitness accident and hurt my knee.  As I said, I was a single mom with two kids and at that time, no health insurance.  Not working wasn't an option, and I took healing into my own hands.  I discovered yoga positions that were known for strengthening and healing this problem, and practiced them diligently.  It worked. The rest is history. I succeeded in rehabilitating my knee and also fell in love with yoga.  Today, 25 years later, my yoga career includes 3000+ hours of training with certifications in 3 styles of Yoga and 2 lineages of Ayurveda.

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Creative ventures

Over the years I've enjoyed applying my natural creative skills to developing videos, products, workshops and teacher trainings.  I've always been able to find creative solutions to daunting challenges, which came in very handy when running 3 yoga studios from 1995-2015.


In 1997 I created and developed a yoga style called Yoga on the Ball®, a system that uses a large ball for practicing yoga. The practice was created to help students (and myself) who struggled with the rigorous backbends in the Bikram Yoga practice.  Using a ball helped.  I went on to produce two YOGA on the BALL videos that are still used throughout the industry.  In 1999 I created and developed a yoga prop called The Original Superblock®, an oversized yoga block that helps in many ways with asanas. I continue to use this big block in my classroom today. Yoga on the Ball DVD and The Original Superblock are sold internationally through Yoga Accessories  

From 2008-2015 I trained practitioners for Wise Earth School of Ayurveda. I taught Ayurveda programs including Food Breath & Sound, Women's Health & Spirituality, Healing Passes, Japa meditation and the Living Ahimsa Mandala for healing.  I also assisted a workshop called Honoring the Ancestors with Maya for many years at Kripalu.  The ancestor practices continue to be personally healing for me.  My mom passed away when I was 24 years old and this was a huge loss for me.  The ancestor work I learned from Maya helped me find peace and resolution from the pain of that loss, and better understand the connection I have with all of my ancestors and all of mankind. 

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Certifications & Specialized Study

1996  Yoga College of India – Bikram Hatha Yoga  750 hour

1997  Yoga College of India -Advanced Bikram Hatha Yoga  500 hour

1998  Eric Schiffman Freedom Style Hatha Yoga/ Vinyasa Flow  200 hour

1999  Master Yoga Teacher Institute Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher 700 Hour

2000  Master Yoga Teacher Institute Svaroopa® Yoga Business

2000  Master Yoga Teacher Institute Embodyment® Practitioner

2003  Master Yoga Teacher Institute Meditation Teacher  

2007  Wise Earth School of Ayurveda Advanced Teacher 1000 hour

2008  VOX Mundi School/ Yoga of Sound

2008  Grant Study- Dr Judith Cornell/Mandala/Yantra Group Facilitation

2009  Vibration & Mantras of Ayurveda/SVA Health

2009  Prana/SVA Health

2009  Award Sadhaka-Adept  Wise Earth School of Ayurveda

2010  Shaka Vansya Ayurveda Health Practitioner

2010  Wise Earth Ayurveda Master Teacher

2015  Shanka Vansya Ayurveda Pranavidusi/Pulse & Marma

2016  Awake Living with Cate Stillman/Yogahealer

2017  Living Ayurveda Course with Cate Stillman/Yogahealer

2020  Chakra Balancing Course Certification/Annodea Judith

Significant Work/Accomplishments ​

2017  Mentor in Living Ayurveda (Family Healer Path)

2018  Mentor in Wise Earth Ayurveda Kitchen Sadhana

2018  Awake Living Course with Cate Stillman/Yogahealer

2018  Mentor in Living Ayurveda (Family Healer Path)

2018  Body Thrive Course with Cate Stillman/Yogahealer

2019  Mentor in Living Ayurveda (ProHealer Path)

2020 Mentor in Living Ayurveda (Pro healer Path)

2020  Yoga Alliance approved 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

2020  Certified Svaroopa Online Therapeutics


2/20/98           ATT 51 Experiential Anatomy

3/24/98           ATT 50 Embodyment

8/15/98           SUM: YTT Intensive

3/5/99             *TP: Teacher Practicum

5/14/99           ATT 52: Yoga Business Skills

6/22/99           ATT 60: Yoga Therapy   1

6/22/99           ATT 60: Homework

1/24/00           *TP: Teacher Practicum

7/15/01           DTS Mentor Training

1/2/02             *DTS 1 G: DTS Week 1

1/8/02             *DTS 2 R: DTS Week 2 Repeat

1/7/03             DTS 1 R: DTS Week 1 Repeat

1/10/03           *MTT: Meditation Teacher Training

3/15/03           *MMZ: Meditation Made Easy

3/18/03           *TP: Teacher Practicum

1/3/04             DTS 3 G: DTS Week 3

1/4/04             DTS 4 G: DTS Week 4

1/6/04             DTS 2 R: DTS Week 2 Repeat

9/10/04           YTT Level 2

9/26/04           *TF: Teacher Forum

10/8/04           Embodyment Weekend

1/28/05           *MTT: Meditation Teacher Training

1/28/05           *MTT: Homework

7/24/05           *Yogini Conference

10/13/05         *Sutra Studies

11/4/05           SAT Conference

11/16/07         *Conference a la Carte

11/18/07         *Harmonium Course

7/9/08             EYTS: Foundations Review

10/13/08         EYTS: Level 2 Ext: Enliven & Advance

1/28/11           ATT 51: Experiential Anatomy

10/21/11         *Partial Conference a la Carte

5/18/12           DTS Level 4

1/5/13             ATT 201: Teaching Half-Day Workshops

3/19/13           *TS1: Teaching Yoga Sutras 1

5/27/16           Teaching Review

6/24/18           *ATT 402: Lower Spinal Release

12/22/20         Online Svaroopa Therapeutics

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