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Its Your Yoga & Your Experience

When you look at this photo of two babies in diapers you can see that they are in yoga pose Prasarita Padottanasana or slow motion dive standing.

There are two important points you can understand from this.

1. If you look closer, you can see they're already affected by spinal tension. They each have a different angle in their pelvis and hip joints. One is tipped one way, and one the other. What does this mean? Tensions in your spine (just like theirs) started a long time ago. It isn't necessarily when you had that car accident a year ago or slipped and fell on the ice. These tensions started while you were still in diapers!

Now take a look at the picture turned upside down.

Check out the expressions on the babies faces! One is having fun, and one...maybe not so much. At first glance it isn't as noticeable, but when you look closer you can see they're doing the same thing and having different experiences. The point I'm making is that you can be doing the same thing in yoga as the person next to you, and you each have your individual experience.

The gem is this. Your personal experience affects you way more than the physical movements of yoga. Most people think yoga is about the moves and how to do fancy poses. Yoga is really about your experience. The Majesty and wonder of yoga is that it changes your experience of your body of your life and of yourself.

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Retrieved from my notes 2007 from the amazing Svaroopa Yoga Course called Experiential Anatomy.


Sarita ❤️




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