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What is a Satsang?

In yoga, a spiritual talk with a yoga master is called a satsang. Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning “in the company of truth”. Sat means truth, sanga means to be associated with a group. So, satsang is a group of people who are all interested in seeking Truth. Satsang uplifts those who participate while blessing the place in which they're organized and held. Its a spiritual win-win!


Yogis love spiritual and devotional activities, especially getting together to learn from great teachers. Participating in activities such as philosophy, chanting, meditation and reading spiritual texts is always a boon because these activities provide an opportunity to gain knowledge and immerse in peaceful thoughts and actions. Chanting yogic mantras generate powerful cleansing by inspiring and purifying the very vibration of thoughts.

"Truth" is practiced by spending time in the company of a truthful being, such as a master teacher, or in the company of others who live truthfully. What do I mean by “Truth”? Truth is the awareness of your authentic Self. The deeper goal of yoga is to cultivate inner harmony and self awareness. When we do, so we're less apt to harm others and ourselves. It is the enlivening of the first and most important teaching of yoga... ahimsa (non harm).

Knowing yourself brings wisdom and deeper knowledge. Meditation becomes a natural yearning; peace pervades mind and body. You become intuitive and reflective. The ego and senses calm down as inner energies awaken. Divine thoughts shared in satsang help develop the qualities that are so important in our modern world. In the midst of so many distractions, this kind of sweet reprieve is welcomed as a self-care and nurturance.

Take time to listen to the words of yogic masters. They are supporting you in elevating your thought-forms while neutralizing negative, harmful thoughts. Stabilize your mind in purity and weave the Divine into your modern life. Enjoy a life of peace and ahimsa (non-harm).

Please join our satsang Friday, May 19th with Swami Nirmalananda at Bldg7Yoga. Swami Nirmalananda will share her spiritual knowledge, teach a mantra & meditation and we'll have refreshments!

or call Sarita at 610-763-1755

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