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The Significance of The Lotus

An ancient Hindu teaching says: "The heart of beings is like an unopened lotus… when the divine virtues are developed, therein the lotus blossoms."

When you see images of Hindu deities, you’ll notice that many of them are depicted as sitting on a lotus. There are numerous references to the lotus found in the Vedas, Upanishads, and other sacred literature. In yoga, one of the most famous postures for meditation is even called Lotus (padmasana).

The lotus grows in murky, unpleasant environments full of impurities. Yet, it is fragrant, pure, spotless and beautiful. When you see a lotus in a murky pond, it makes the whole pond more beautiful.

The nature of the lotus flower is an example to follow. We have the power to be like the lotus. Despite our problems, pressures, tensions and temptations, by practicing vigilance and introspection we can make our demeanor pure and fragrant, and our mind content. The lotus is a reminder that we don’t have to become a product of our surroundings. We can choose how we want to be.

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