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A Rosy Appetite

Food for thought...

I love rose face cream. Experiencing the aroma and essence of real rose petals on my skin is so blissful for me.

Rose is the highest vibration flower. It's the purest form of light' in flower form. That makes this pure cream worth every penny I spend on it.

My dip into a newly purchased tube of cream is uncontrolled. I literally slather my face with it. The smell and feeling are wonderful, Why not apply an extra layer? After all, I have plenty. It's a brand new tube. This use continues for awhile.

A few weeks later the cream is dwindling, I begin conserving (a little). No more slathering,..just a reasonable dollop each morning.

All too soon, the inevitable happens. The tube is almost flat. Each day I find creative ways to squeeze out just a little more. I'm amazed at how such little cream can go so far. I dot my face with tiny bits, expertly moving them around until I have a thin layer on my face. I'm an adept at this "little bit goes along way" technique. I've been doing this "face cream ritual" for many years. There's always a sense of satisfaction after one more magical application from a flat tube.

This month I'm contemplating mitahara-moderate appetite/eating. This morning I considered my "face cream appetite". I thought about how little cream my face actually needs to be adequately moisturized.

I am a blessed person. Bounty from the earth is at my fingertips each day, in the form of food, fine creams and more. "Moderate appetite" begins with food, but eventually extends far beyond simple eating. "Goodness and availability" is not a license to overuse.

So I asked myself where else I use more because I can? Where else am I over-the-top in my 'appetite'? My "inner slather-er" has been exposed; and I am sure it's not just the cream being lavished. How far does this go?

Next time I get a new tube of face cream, I'll start with tiny dots of cream instead of the usual. Today, I'll carefully cut and prepare a few fresh organic vegetables and fruits for my meal. I'll pray over them and eat slowly, remembering their lifeline and journey from the earth to me. I'll eat enough to nourish my body, and no more.

There is no other reason except "it is all I really need".

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