GHEE- the golden elixir of Life

Maya Tiwari calls ghee the “single most ojas-producing food on earth”. Ojas is the underlying basis of all immunity and is said to be the essence of all bodily tissues. It is the “life sap” of our body. Ghee increases intelligence, refines deeper awareness and improves memory.

Beautiful, golden ghee is the foundation of a balanced Ayurvedic meal. Making ghee is a rich practice with many health benefits. Ghee comes from the Sanskrit word meaning 'sprinkled'. It means that the milk fat and water are removed from organic unsalted butter by cooking it over a medium high heat, then carefully straining it. The result is a clear, lactose-free golden oil called ghee.

Ghee is easy to digest, and deeply nourishes all seven tissues of the body. It is preferred for Ayurvedic cooking because of its ability to escort the therapeutic qualities of kitchen herbs and spices deep into the tissues, increasing the medicinal value of any meal. After all, food is medicine! Use ghee daily in your cooking, for health, longevity, and a happy soul.

Ghee is a sacred elixir of nourishment, auspiciousness and healing. It's important to cook ghee in the right frame of mind because it has the ability to absorb energy on a subtle level. Cook it with love and positive energy, with the intention of nourishment and healing. In the Wise Earth Ayurveda tradition, making ghee is a meditation. The smells, sounds and visuals are intoxicating… as well as heart opening. Adding mantras makes it one of the most profound tonics in your kitchen. Th ebest part is, ghee is absolutely delicious.

All health relies on great digestion. Ghee strengthens the “fire” of the digestive system, making the digestive juices stronger and more sustaining. Eating ghee is like offering the finest fuel to your digestive fire. You can even test this on an actual fire! Light a fire. Pour a little oil on will dwindle. However, if you pour a little ghee on the fire, it’ll burn brighter. Ghee lamps are used to illuminate the altars in sacred temples and ashrams.

Ghee creates a glow that can be seen through the eyes and skin. The unctuous nature of ghee softens the internal organs, strengthens the internal juices of the body (which can become deplete with typical aging), while it increases the refined elements of digestion. Ghee increases the overall strength, luster and beauty of the body. It softens strengthens, protects and nourishes the skin when used externally. Ghee is used during Ayurvedic cleansing to dissolve undigested material in the bodily tissues, allowing them to be effectively expelled from the body.

Here are the benefits to remember...

Stokes your digestion

Possibly the most well-known health property of ghee is the fact that it is an amazing agent for enhancing the digestive fire (agni). Ghee stimulates the secretion of stomach acids and in turn increases our ability to break down food. Ghee also removes toxins and promotes elimination, both of which will help to increase one’s overall digestive capacity.

Fights inflammation

Ghee possesses powerful anti-inflammatory agents, making this a necessary medicine for allergies, arthritis and autoimmune conditions. Chronic inflammation can cause premature ageing, pain, swelling, burning, stagnation and irritation. When left untreated, inflammation may lead to destructive disorders such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and autoimmune conditions. Ghee is also lactose and casein free.