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Mantra is Your Heart

The Vedas are ancient texts that are over 5000 years old. They teach us that the universe began as Light from the vibration of the fertile void (darkness).

Light (vibration) contracted and became sound. The Vedas call original sound Matrika. As it contracted more and more and became denser and denser to make many sounds. The splintering of sound produces words/sentences.

Vibration and sound arose from Light (God- Oneness- Divinity). It then became FORM (you, me, earth, planets, galaxies). Every material thing that exists is vibration, light and sound at its essence.

The ancient sages heard these sounds at the deepest level of silence- in meditation. They heard the sound of their own body vibrating (image how still and quiet they had to be to hear that!) They HEARD the essence of their own body. They recorded and repeated these sounds-- and called them MANTRAS.

Mantra uses the power of Matrika to untie the knots of the mind (worries, stress, emotions) and take you toward consciousness (your true divine nature of peace and contentment). It’s like backing into a meditative state of mind. If you could sit as “still” and “quiet” as the sages did---listening that closely---you too would hear the MANTRAS .... If you can’t, then you can repeat the MANTRAS and your mind will entrain to the sound and become more meditative or relaxed. Stillness allows you to hear the mantras inside; mantras allow you to become more still and peaceful.

“Get rid of the bad thoughts by pure thoughts. Get rid of pure thoughts by one thought” ~Swami Satchitinanda

MANTRA is the ‘perfect thought’ that has the power to re-shape the mind; to clean and clear the mind and help it remember and feel more contentment and fewer worries. MANTRAS dissolve stress into peacefulness because they change the vibration patterns of the mind form tension to an expanded sense of Light (Awareness- Divine consciousness)

The mind is completely entrancing and encompassing. Because of the human condition, the mind becomes cut off from Light (Divine Nature) Then it goes chasing all over the world to be satisfied by “things”... but is not ever truly satisfied deeply until it reaches Light (Awareness- Divine consciousness). This is the main philosophy YOGA. True peace and harmony are inside.

Yoga teaches that the mind is not aware of itself, rather you are aware of your mind. In other words, you’re not your mind, you HAVE a mind.

Mantra is scrubbing bubbles for the mind. Mantra can unlock Divine potential....which then unlocks human potential. Mantra is Self-aware...they are vibrating. Divine “Light” has taken the form of the mantra with “light” intact within it. The mantra contains the whole of consciousness in it. When you use the mantra in your mind, you break the limitations of the mind.

Any of the “Shiva Mantras” (Shiva is the formless Divine) remove that which obscures you from the Light experience within. They remove the “Dark” or heavy vibratory patterns. These powerful mantras help the experience or Light arise through the darkness of the worried mind. They are the Heart of you.

To be most effective, mantras must be repeated with heart and sincerity; a wholehearted interest in the calm, “Divine mind” “full human potential” experience. Hense... Chant. What better way to feel your heart than to sing?

Chant is Mantra put into rhythm. Chanting supports you in embracing your full human potential. Weave Divine and mundane world into an experience of awareness- Light....Enlightenment. Celebrate your Divine nature trough chanting.

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