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Meditation:: The "Inner Net"

Modern science recognizes an underlying intelligence that permeates the fabric of all matter, including us. Science refers to this as "The Field". Yoga has always known this truth. There's an "inner net" or "yogic net" that lies within us containing unlimited knowledge.

Great yogis of the past like Buddha, Patanjali and Shankarcharya may have physically died a long time ago, but the core of their work is in the now. We can access yogic wisdom the same way they did. All knowledge is readily available to us from the inside. We can tap into this unlimited field through meditation.

We have an individual mind, and we have access to the universal mind that is "The Field". Most people only use their individual mind to navigate life. You can do this and survive, but it's harder to thrive when looking through this limited lens. An "un-meditated" mind can be like looking into a concave or convex mirror. Things can appear distorted. When we rely on our individual mind, we may be affected by its fickle and unpredictable impressions. Society called this stress.

Through meditation we access the universal mind, which is expansive & unified. The result is clarity and calm. Life becomes easier, flowing with less effort. Our circumstances may not change, but our perception certainly does. Possibilities become more apparent.

What we do to improve our bodies has a limited lifespan- we can quickly gain or lose the effect. Improving the quality of our minds has a much longer lifespan because it's beyond the physical dimension.

Through meditation we can realize our full human potential. In doing so, we may become peaceful, healthy and nicer…and more. It's worth the sit!

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