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Ayurveda's Healing Secrets Revealed

“We are not tired, overworked, ill and lonely because we do too much; we are weary because so much of what we do runs counter to the rhythms of nature.” Maya Tiwari

What is true and essential is, by its very nature, accessible to everyone. Ayurveda* is the science of life. It is a healthcare system originating in India over 5000 years ago. The rishis (sages) taught us that the pathway to a harmonious life is honoring the flow of energy in the universe, and within ourselves. Ayurveda* invites us to live with wisdom, common sense, measure and purpose, according to our inborn instinct. This makes life simple and clear, even in the storms of fate.

Our body mind is a marvelous thing, its resilience amazing. A fundamental duty we bring with us into this world is caring for our body mind, while peacefully aligning with the laws of nature. What does that mean?

Everything in nature is rhythm, sound, breath, light and vibration. Everything in the universe is in motion. Nothing is permanent, and everything is interrelated. From all the suns to the smallest cell, everything is born, matures, dies and reawakens to life in another form. No raindrop falls to the earth without moistening a comet a light-year away. No thought passes by without a trace.

How strongly are we affected by the rhythms of nature? Every moment of our life arises and dissolves by their influence, whether we chose to know it or not. A balanced life means honoring this flow, adapting oneself harmoniously. This is essential if we are to weather the inevitable storms life brings us gracefully. Ayurveda* invites us to thrive in the knowledge of solar and lunar rhythms, biorhythms, whole food nutrition, herbs, love of the earth, the power of sound, our breath, respect for our homes, the power of thought, and the combined effect of these factors.

Creating health throughout your entire lifetime is neither difficult nor complicated. Ayurveda* paves the way to clear understanding of what weakens or strengthens you physically, mentally and spiritually. Through simple daily practices called sadhana*, you’ll prioritize all that is natural, plain and simple, without discarding the gifts of the modern age. You’ll learn to slow down, sense, watch and experience. These are the true secrets to healing.

Mother Nature willingly gives us everything we need, providing we live in friendship with Her, and ourselves. This friendship is a personal decision and achievement. Human beings, animals, plants, stars, planets, sun and moon are all in the same flow. We’re part of a rhythm, the dance of the universe. The tricky part for humans is that we have the power to choose to go against the flow. When we do, we become exhausted—and sick.

How do we make better choices? Ayurveda* prioritizes the awakening of memory; our inner knowing that the power to heal lies within. This is called inner medicine* healing…or, the choice to heal. Ayurveda’s practices of food, breath and sound awaken the courage and unshakeable will to trust and apply your inner medicine* healing power.

Your innate intelligence is the foundation of inner medicine* healing. At first it is felt as an inner knowing, intuition or inkling. This intelligence knows what is truly beneficial to your growth at any given moment. It’s the voice that recognizes the exact cause of your problems and illnesses, telling you what you must really do to heal. Ayurveda* calls this intelligence Shakti (the primordial energy of the universe). Awakening Shakti is central to the work of Ayurveda.

Your inner knowing is unlike any other impulse within you. It isn’t a feeling, in the sense of emotion, sentiment or desire. Nor is it a thought in the sense of calculating, planning or hoping. Entrainment to this inner knowing is sharpened with one thing, self-love. Ayurveda* offers exquisite practices for this essential sharpening too.

Shakti presents us with an unerring, brightly polished mirror, seeing things exactly the way they are. This is the essential, deepest you, poised for self-expression, and self-care. Your life transforms, and the door opens to true freedom. True freedom permits the rapid and certain knowledge that there really are not so many choices. Decisions come from the rock-solid certainty that no other alternative even exists except what is part of the flow. When we accept responsibility for our own life- our thoughts, speech and action- Shakti flows freely within us. We trust what we know, and act from that knowing.

Ayurveda* teaches us that the best medicine we have is our inner medicine* resource. The deeper purpose of life is to awaken our memory of this, and then support that awakening in each other. The map is available to us through Ayurveda*.

*The principles of inner medicine healing and sadhana methodology were unearthed from the Vedas and re-introduced to Ayurveda by Maya Tiwari. The Ayurveda methodology referred to in this article is Wise Earth Ayurveda, an unique non-clinical grassroots approach to this vast science.

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