“Sarita is a seasoned teacher who brings aliveness and freshness to her presentations. She exudes a joy that makes students feel welcome under any circumstance. Sarita’s love for all things spiritual and true comes through with each and every student interaction. She’s a true leader and a Light.” 

--Karen S.


  • Back & neck pain (acute and chronic)

  • Migraines & other headaches

  • Allergies & asthma

  • Anxiety

  • Women's & men's health issues

  • Digestive conditions

  • Fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Cancer & other life-threatening diseases (as an adjunct therapy)

BREATH  Svaroopa® yoga helps you deepen your breathing capacity.  Even if you have a painful condition, allergies or breathing problems, you’ll find this breathing therapy effective and accessible. It is an easy, powerful yogic practice you can do at home, and is an integral part of your total healing plan. Sarita provides support materials for your home practice.

HEALING CAPACITY  Embodyment® yoga therapy is Svaroopa® yoga’s hands-on-healing modality that awakens your body’s own healing capacity. Deep healing comes both the profound inner release, relaxation and meditative experience that this therapy provides.

THERAPEUTIC YOGA POSES  I select the poses that specifically address your current condition. The goal is to provide you the most benefit with the least pain or discomfort. Gentle self-inquiry is integrated to support healing the hidden mental-and-emotional levels, where tension originates.  Every session includes time in sweet silence and deep peace, which is the most healing of all.

Your private session is customized to your individual needs using yoga positions enhanced by specialized propping and adjustments.  The goal of each session is to jump-start your body’s healing capacity through inner openings. I approach your need using reliable yoga therapy protocols that decompress your spine. The positions help create space for your intervertebral discs, lifting the pressure from your internal organs. It is common to feel a marked difference in your pain and stress level after even your first yoga therapy session.

No prior yoga experience is needed to have a private yoga session. Many new students prefer to start their yoga experience with this personal introduction and care.

Please wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing for your session. Arrive 10 minutes early, to complete your intake form and plan for a full hour of therapy. You may want to pace your return to normal activities, by taking an additional 30-60 minutes of personal time afterward.

Single session:     $85.00

6 session series: $480.00

My specialized training & extensive experience enables me to support your total healing.

102 South 6th Avenue   West Reading, PA  19611  610-763-1755    saritalindarocco@gmail.com