Embodyment Yoga Therapy Series

3 Svaroopa Yoga Healing Sessions

  • 1 hour
  • The Nest Collaborative

Class Description

Embodyment® delivers the deepest elements of Svaroopa® yoga. Each session provides internal core opening benefits equivalent to several yoga classes. Your session begins with resting in a fully-supported shavasana (yoga's relaxation pose). I'll help you be most comfortable by offering you gentle adjustments that deepen your relaxation. I'll guide you in breathing to draw your awareness inside. Then the therapy consists of a simple and effective hand positions on your lower spine that jumpstart a spinal release from your tailbone, though your sacrum and waist, releasing otherwise hard to reach tension. The session concludes with spinal marma therapy. I'll press lightly along the sides of your spine, progressively from the base, and all the way through your neck and shoulders. This enhances and supports continuing changes through your whole spine. As with any other type of therapy, the response is unique to each individual. I often hear clients say things such as that they feel taller, lighter, more open, heart-centered, deeply relaxed, pain free and well rested. Keep a light schedule for 24 hours after your session. This gives you the opportunity to become aware of continuing subtle changes. Many students receive Embodyment sessions regularly, from once a week to once every four to six weeks. I recommend one session every two to four weeks, especially for those of you practicing at the deeper, experienced and advanced levels. If you are physically challenged by a particular injury or ailment, or feeling “stuck” physically, emotionally or even spiritually, I may recommend a special immersion series. We typically discuss the details in person.

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