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Balance and Inversions

"When you drop a penny in a puddle, it creates a splash. But if you drop it in a deep lake, it goes "bloop" and sinks in. Similarly, all of your splashing around, mentally and emotionally disappears when you deepen into your own essence. This is yoga's goal, whether your practices begin with your body, breath or mind." - Swamini Nirmalananda

There's a reason why these two types of poses (balance and inversions) are taught together in the same theme in Svaroopa Yoga. The principle of "finding the point of balance" rather than tightening to create a false feeling of balance is the same in both.

When you're wobbly when you stand in yoga poses, to stop the rocking you probably tighten your spine instead of leaning into your bones and find grounded balance in your feet to become steady. When you can learn to do that your mind will become wonderfully peaceful. In this theme you will learn to FIND balance instead of creating it.

It's important that you can establish a steady gaze. You'll practice doing this by softening your neck and jaw, which will allow you to have a "soft focus".

This is a working theme, and you may find balance poses pretty challenging in the beginning. But once you find the principle of leaning into your bones, the poses will become quite easy. These poses will give you stamina, which is even more important than strength.

This theme is very important for life skills. Your ability to balance physically is related to emotional balance and steadiness of mind. Plus, doing inversions helps you see your life from a whole different perspective, which is so valuable for our ongoing transformation.

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