We're meant to support each other.  Your success in making significant life changes increases by 70% when you are part of an evolutionary group of people who share your intention.  I have experienced this firsthand over the past 5 years and it's blown my mind.  Connection and community are essential for lasting transformation. 

We've all been there. "This year I'm going to lose weight. This year I'm going to do the things I've been wanting to do.  This year (fill in the blank)"  The yearning to transform is natural. The follow through isn't so easy.  Structure precedes evolution. 


Thats what you'll get from BOOST.   Let's work on our wellness goals together in a series of classes and themes designed to get you moving into your evolution.  We roll up our sleeves and get real with ourselves and each other.  We'll learn and share with candor, compassion and honesty.  You'll develop a camaraderie with your community of new friends while you boost your energy, vibe, clarity and life goals.  Be ready to shift self-defeating habits into opportunities for evolutionary thrive.  This isn't easy,  but its super effective.  Its never too late and you're never too old to renew your life.   



Unveil, nourish, celebrate and restore the best of who you are.

Seasonal Routine  | Daily Routine w/Circadian Rhythm | Yoga & Meditation | Philosophy & Study 

Movement & Breath | Plant-Based Lifestyle & Food Combining | Self-Care Rituals 

Modern Habit Change | Seasonal Cleanse | Evolutionary Mindset | Ancestor Rituals  

BOOST Yourself is a quarterly program.  The education is geared toward the current season so you learn the many opportunities and challenges of each season with regard to your health and choices. You'll learn how to adapt to the season and mobilize your energy.  Each season juncture includes a "planned pause" or seasonal cleanse to support your body making a healthy transitions from one season to the next. You'll enjoy live classes based in Ayurveda and modern habit change, recorded videos to study in your own time and connection with your community of friends who are BOOSTING with you.  Yes, support = release in all areas of your life! 

  • Seasonal lifestyle support with Yoga + Ayurveda

    Started Apr 18

    600 US dollars
  • Seasonal lifestyle support Yoga + Ayurveda

    Starts Jun 27

    600 US dollars
  • Seasonal lifestyle support Yoga + Ayurveda

    Starts Sep 19

    600 US dollars
  • Seasonal lifestyle support Yoga + Ayurveda

    Starts Jan 16, 2022

    600 US dollars

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